Welcome to Space Hippie


Space Hippie is a friendly network of services for computer hobbyists in Maritime Canada.

You are accessing Space Hippie's server, Beeblebrox. Beeblebrox is a Raspberry Pi 4 model B (4GB), which runs Raspbian GNU/Linux and various pieces of software that provide services to Space Hippie's users. Beeblebrox is located in Southern New Brunswick, Canada.

Links to Services

Space Hippie Hosting

Beeblebrox runs a Web server, a Gopher server, and a Gemini server.

Space Hippie is pleased to offer its members web hosting over HTTPS, Gopher, and Gemini. With an account on Beeblebrox, you can create your tilde site, gopherhole, or Gemini capsule by creating a public_html, public_gopher, or public_gemini folder inside your home directory.

Tilde sites are listed below. To access your gopherhole, direct your Gopher client to gopher://gopher.spacehippie.ca/1/~USERNAME . To access your Gemini capsule, direct your Gemini client to gemini://gemini.spacehippie.ca/~USERNAME . In both cases, replace USERNAME with your Space Hippie username.

User pages (tildes)

HTTPS (Visit with any Web browser)

Gopher (Visit with a Gopher client, or some browsers with an extension)

Gemini (Visit with a Gemini client)